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How to Use Your "WHY" in Recruiting

What opportunities are being left on the table while you try to attract new talent? Are you like most employers right now with a Indeed post active for 30+ days with no promising leads? And are you feeling under pressure to hire quickly because your busy season is coming up? I'm sure you find yourself thinking, if they have a pulse I will hire them. You're not alone! Many employers are faced with the same situation you find yourself in.

So...what do you do? Focus on repositioning your unique value proposition from the perspective of an employee instead of your customer. Although, this may look similar for both parties. If you have never evaluated your unique value proposition, today's your day!

We are going to go over some helpful tools to get you thinking about your "why" as a business. But first, why does this even matter?

In this competitive hiring market, employers need to reposition their outlook on hiring. Yes, it can feel like bailing water out of a sinking boat at times but it doesn't have to. Employers are now seeing the importance of hiring employees who align with their values, goals, and reputation. Hiring the right fit will time and time again increases employer return on investment. So, you need to attract the right fit by putting your value statement out there for candidates to see.

How to find your employer why:

Be intentional behind answering the following questions. Be sure to write down your answers to reflect on and be able to write your value statement. After we will work on how to get your message out to perspective candidates in an efficient way. If you have a company mission statement, you may want to refer to it as you do this exercise. If you don't have a nod to employees, considering adding one.

1 - What inspired you to get into business originally?

2 - What need do you meet for your clients?

3 - What do you do really well?

4 - What do you clients say about you?

5 - How would you describe your reputation?

6 - Why would you want to work for your company?

7 - What opportunities do you have in front of your for improvement?

8 - What is your vision for the next 5 years? How much of that vision is dependent on a strong team?

9 - What sets you apart from your competitors?

10 - What would current employees say they like about working for your company?

Once you have answered all the questions above, go through your answers and circle/hi-light/underline all words that stand out to you that feed into your "why". The intention here is to be authentic with crafting your value statement. Meaning, whatever you craft, must be true and accurate. It must reflect a true representation of employee experience. If it is not, employees will see this and will be quick to leave your company for a competitor.

Candidates have the "buying" power in today's recruitment world. Meaning they expect certain things out of employers. Of course fair and equal pay is one of top wants but we are quickly finding that candidates want to work for a company that believes in things they find important - especially the Gen Z generation.

Example of value statement: At ABC Company we pride ourselves on superior customer satisfaction by delivering the highest quality lawncare available. We ensure our clients have the best looking home on the street. ABC company is looking for candidates who want to be part of a growing team with career growth opportunity and value client expectations as much as the Owner of the Company. Our reputation has been long lasting within the community and we continues to prosper. So, if you enjoy getting your hands dirty and take pride in producing a flawless finished product, apply today.

Including your value statement at the beginning of your job posting is a great place to start. Social media is a must. By getting your message on social media you increase foot traffic to your job posting. Posting videos of the work you do, your value statement in action with employee testimonials, or customer testimonials is key. This shows a living breathing value statement. Including a link to your job positing is key. And make sure the post is sharable. Videos tend to get more attraction. If you want more information on putting your employer brand on social media, reach out for details to be connected to a great resource!

"In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people." - Julie Bevacqua

Employee experience starts with the first job posting they see:

1 - You want to ensure that your job positing is clear and accurate. I always suggest working with a professional to create a job description. This is a great tool to establish consistency between the initial job positing and job expectations during the employee's time at the company. It is also a way to hold the employee accountable and lends to the ability to effectively offer career advancement going forward.

2 - The application and interview process are again important steps in the process to ensure a rewarding employee experience. If your job application or lack there of is turning away prospective candidates, you will want help crafting a perfect/easy process.

3 - The interview is an opportunity for the candidate to interview you as well as you interview the candidate. Having an established set of compliant questions is key to your success.

4 - Conducting an inclusive background and reference check is a great tool to substantiate what a candidate has shared with you in their interview. Asking for three professional references is a necessary part of the recruitment process.

5 - When making the offer, ensure you are clear on pay, start date, job title, pay frequency, and benefits. You do not want any grey area here. So, back it up with an offer letter and ask the employee to sign their job description.

Of course your job doesn't stop with the job offer. Employee experience goes beyond this and into their employment relationship with you. So consider having a 90-day evaluation, setting them up with a 'buddy', frequent check-ins, proper introduction to their workspace, and solid training.

Again, attracting employees in a more unique way will be your recipe for success. Root down into your "why" and visualize this for candidates. Employees who feel a real connection to your 'why' will be vested longer and will appreciate your company more than employees who do not connect.

If you want to find your "why" and create a fool proof recruitment strategy, let's chat!


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