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Competent Confidence

Exploring what it means to be competently confident.

Confidence parallels authenticity, respect and vulnerability. When you show up being your authentic self, you start living in confidence. For so long I thought confidence meant not being certain parts of myself that were true to me.

Start with discovering who you are.

I’m naturally a very silly person. I make people laugh and loosen up while maintaining a good competent relationship. And I do this by showing up authentically. As soon as I’m not being true to myself, I start to feel unsure of myself. That unsure feeling is the feeling of being insecure. Insecurity is the death of confidence. Let me say that again, insecurity is the death of confidence.

“Authenticity is real in ourselves and real in the world. When authenticity is acknowledged, we admit our foibles, mistakes and protected secretes, the parts of ourselves and society that are fearful and hide in the shadows of existence.” Dr. Robert Terry

I’m also emotional on many levels. I cry at Subaru commercials and laugh at baby Yoda memes. I’ve found over the years that my emotion is a gift that I use to sync with other people’s emotions. I’m relatable. Why hold in all of these feelings when you can let them all out? When you show emotion and you bring your authentic self to the table, you gain respect. Respect is received when respect is given, and it takes emotion and vulnerability to be seen that way.

Confidence cannot be taught, but instead it can be discovered. The best way to discover your own confidence is through self-discovery. Once you let go of all the social perceptions of how should act as a boss babe, you start to reclaim your own identity as a BOSS babe!

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