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Safety: Let's Break This Down

How can we make safety the cornerstone of the Company?

Well, we must start with expectations; your safety manual. Employees need to know the rules. They need to know what you expect them to do and how to respond to situations. Once you have the clearly outlined rules, you can implement the practices. Better yet, employees will start to hold each other accountable. The best-case scenario is when employees call each other out about not being safe.

You want your team to think about safety without even realizing they are thinking about safety!


Tip of the Week

The Impact of a Strong Safety Program

Safety must always be a top priority in the workplace. A strong safety program not only protects employees from harm but also has a significant impact on an organization's overall success. From reducing accidents and injuries to improving employee morale and productivity, a well-implemented safety program can yield numerous benefits for both employees and employers. Today, we'll explore the far-reaching effects of a robust safety program in the workplace.

Reduced Accidents and Injuries

One of the most immediate and tangible benefits of a strong safety program is the reduction in accidents and injuries. Fewer accidents mean fewer disruptions to workflow and a more consistent level of productivity.

Enhanced Employee Morale

When employees feel that their safety is a priority, it boosts their morale and job satisfaction. Knowing that their employer cares about their well-being can lead to increased loyalty and commitment. Employees who feel safe are also more likely to engage in their work, which can result in higher productivity and overall job performance.

Improved Employee Retention

A strong safety program can contribute to higher employee retention rates. Workers are more likely to stay with a company that prioritizes their safety and well-being. Lower turnover rates can lead to cost savings in recruitment and training, as well as the development of a more experienced and skilled workforce.

Positive Company Reputation

Companies with strong safety programs often enjoy a positive reputation within their industry and among consumers. A commitment to safety demonstrates corporate responsibility and can attract customers who value ethical business practices. Additionally, a good reputation can help in attracting top talent, further strengthening the company.

Compliance with Regulations

Many industries are subject to strict safety regulations and standards. A robust safety program ensures compliance with these rules, reducing the risk of fines and legal issues. It also helps in maintaining a good relationship with regulatory bodies and authorities. For instance, NH employers are required to have a Safety Program in place when they employ more than 15 employees.

Cost Savings

While implementing a safety program may require an initial investment, it can lead to significant cost savings in the long run. Fewer accidents mean lower insurance premiums, reduced healthcare expenses, and a decrease in workers' compensation claims. Furthermore, it can lower the cost of damaged equipment and materials.

Increased Productivity

Safety programs often involve training and awareness programs that can enhance employees' skills and knowledge. As a result, workers become more competent and efficient in their roles, leading to increased productivity. Fewer accidents and injuries also mean less downtime, allowing operations to run smoothly.

Risk Mitigation

A strong safety program identifies potential hazards and risks in the workplace, allowing for proactive measures to mitigate them. This not only reduces accidents but also minimizes disruptions to business operations. It's an investment in the long-term stability and continuity of the company.

A strong safety program is not just a legal requirement (in most cases); it's a cornerstone of a successful and responsible business. The benefits of such a program extend beyond the immediate protection of employees; they encompass improved morale, cost savings, and a positive company reputation. In today's competitive business environment, a commitment to safety is not only ethically responsible but also a strategic advantage that can drive an organization toward greater success. By prioritizing safety, companies can create a workplace where employees thrive, and the business thrives in turn.


Safety Huddle Ideas

Conducting weekly safety huddles further demonstrates the importance of safety at your company. AND gives weekly training to employees to further drive their knowledge around a safe working environment. Here are some ideas to get you started:

-Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Go over the proper PPE to wear in applicable situations. For instance, hard hats need to be worn with overhead work being done and safety vests need to be worn when in traffic.

-Properly Using and Storing Ladders

Discuss how to properly climb a ladder, how to use the ladder (pitches and solid footing), and how to store the ladder when not in use.

-Trip and Falls

Give examples of trip and fall hazards. For instance, wet surfaces, extension cords, and uneven ground.

-Emergency Drills

Run through your Emergency Response Plan and conduct a fire drill. Where everyone should meet if there is a fire.

-Demonstrate how to use a specific tool

Choose a tool or piece of equipment to show the team how to properly and safely use it.

-What to do when an accident happens

Discuss the process when an accident happens. For instance, who to contact, what forms to fill out, and how to avoid the same accident in the future.

-If you see it you say something

Remind your time that if they see something unsafe, say something to their teammate, and if they don't listen tell their supervisor or manager.


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The Compliance Corner

New Hampshire's Requirement for a Safety Program

Effective January 1, 2013, the State of NH DOL requires employers with more than 15 employees to have a Joint Loss Management Committee and a Written Safety Manual. Below are some considerations if you have more than 15 employees. RSA 281-A:63

Does this mean 15 full-time employees? No, this means part or full-time employees.

What if we are seasonal? If at any time throughout the year, you employ 15 or more employees, you must follow the RSA.

Do I need to file the safety program with the state? Yes, after building the program, employers must file a Safety Summary Form.

How often does the Joint Loss Management Committee meet? JLMC must meet at least once a quarter.

How often do we need to update the safety program? Once every two years.


Service Offering

Customized & Compliant Safety Program

Now Offering! At Full Circle HR we believe in having a strong documented safety program for any number of employees.

Partner with FCHR today to build your customized safety program. We will build the program based on your industry, for now, and planning for the future. We will also provide training for your managers, staff, and support staff. We will even file the safety summary plan to the State of NH if required.


Partner Spotlight

Micah Aders - Aders Health Solutions

Drug & Alcohol Testing, Medical Cards, and more!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Micah Aders! Micah is a trusted partner of Full Circle HR and provides many solutions for employers for drug testing, alcohol screening, medical cards, and more! Here is a little about Micah!

Micah and his wife, Ashley, live in Hooksett with their three boys. Ashley is a nurse but is currently focusing 100% of her time on raising their children. Micah’s job as a pilot for JetBlue Airways brought them to New Hampshire 10 years ago. Micah has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, as well as a passion for health and wellness. 18 months ago he partnered with Onsite Health Solutions to start offering corporate wellness programs. Those programs include onsite biometric screenings and a fully customizable online wellness platform. This year Aders Health Solutions expanded their services to offer DOT medical exams as well as drug and alcohol screening. They will travel to your business to offer these services. Employers can send their employees to the Aders Health Solutions office in Hooksett (located inside the Zoo Health Club)as well. Micah receives regular medical exams and participates in JetBlue’s drug and alcohol program, so he understands the stress that employees experience when they have to get an exam or be screened. His goal is to provide these services in a non-threatening way while making sure our roads and workplaces stay safe. In his free time, Micah enjoys introducing his boys to the outdoors by taking them hiking, fishing, and camping among other things.

Micah can be contacted at:

p | 603-854-1515

"People say that accidents are due to human error, which is like saying falls are due to gravity." Trevor Kletz

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