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Stay Interviews: What Keeps You Here?

An extremely effective tactic for understanding your employees better is...stay interviews!

Many times we know why employees leave, right? They tell their manager in their exit interview, they may tell HR when they collect their final check, or they may tell their friends at work why. But all too often it is too late by that point. In this issue, we unlock the power of asking employees what keeps them here and how to replicate that over and over again.


Tip of the Week

The Power of Stay Interviews: A Guide for Employers

Employee retention is a critical concern for businesses of all sizes. The costs of recruiting, onboarding, and training new employees can be substantial, making it imperative for employers to keep their existing talent satisfied and engaged. One effective tool in this regard is the stay interview. While many companies focus on exit interviews, stay interviews are a proactive approach to understanding and addressing employee needs, concerns, and aspirations while they're still on board.

What Are Stay Interviews?

A stay interview is a one-on-one conversation between an employer or manager and an employee who is currently working for the company. The primary purpose of a stay interview is to gain insights into the employee's job satisfaction, identify areas of improvement, and understand their career goals and expectations within the company. Unlike exit interviews, which are conducted when an employee is leaving the organization, stay interviews are performed while the employee is still an active member of the team. They provide an opportunity for employees to voice their concerns and aspirations, helping employers address potential issues before they lead to turnover.

The Benefits of Stay Interviews

Employee Engagement: Stay interviews show employees that their opinions and well-being matter to the organization. This can lead to increased engagement and commitment to the company.

Early Issue Identification: By addressing concerns and issues early on, employers can prevent talented employees from becoming disengaged or leaving the company. This proactive approach can save both time and money.

Talent Development: Stay interviews help identify the career goals and aspirations of employees, which can be integrated into talent development plans. This promotes a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Improved Retention: Understanding what motivates and satisfies employees can lead to better retention rates. When employees feel valued and heard, they are more likely to stay with the organization.

Sample Stay Interview Questions

  • What do you look forward to when you come to work each day?

  • What do you like most or least about working here?

  • What keeps you working here?

  • If you could change something about your job, what would that be?

  • What would make your job more satisfying?

  • How do you like to be recognized?

  • What talents are not being used in your current role?

  • What would you like to learn here?

  • What motivates (or demotivates) you?

  • What can I do to best support you?

  • What can I do more of or less of as your manager?

  • What might tempt you to leave?

When you close the interview, make sure you summarize the conversation and what you gained from the conversation. Make sure that you thank the employee for sharing their thoughts and commit to making it the best place to work.

After you complete the stay interview you will have a better understanding of what you are doing well and places of opportunity. Do something with the information you have collected. The approach is not to save one employee but instead trying to gain information for the betterment of the entire company.


The Compliance Corner

Reminder: Remove Expired Posters

This is a reminder to remove all expired lab law posters and notices. I have visited employers who have the FFCRA poster displayed. This Act expired on December 31, 2020, almost three years ago. Please if you are displaying this post, I give the "Go Ahead" to take it down.

The following are posters that must be displayed in a conspicuous area at NH employers.

-Workers' Compensation Law

-Protective Legislation Law

-Criteria to Establish an Employee or Independent Contractor

-New Hampshire Minimum Wage law

-Whistleblowers' Protection Act

-Workers Right to Know

-Equal Pay Law

-Unemployment Notice

-NHES Vacation Shutdown

NH State Poster can be found here.

Federal Agencies Posters can be found here.


Welcome to the Team!

Michaela Bevilacqua

Junior HR Consultant

We are extremely excited to announce the addition of Michaela to the Full Circle HR team!

With a background in the banking industry, Michaela has a deep understanding of the importance of accuracy and confidentiality. She has over 10 years of customer service experience, which has allowed her to develop and maintain relationships with internal and external customers, working together towards a common goal. She is committed to helping clients maintain a positive, thriving work environment. Outside of work, you can find her reading, cooking, or running. She also loves spending time with her family.

We are lucky to have you join the team!


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